Our top priority is to build a better, healthier community.

About Harlem Pharmacy & Surgicals

    Harlem Pharmacy & Surgicals is a New York-based pharmacy and surgical supply company that is locally owned and run. For several years, we have proudly served the people of our state. We believe in providing consistently high-quality service to our community's customers.

  • Harlem Pharmacy & Surgicals provides precise, dependable and error-free pharmaceutical services to the residents of our community.
  • Our wide-ranging medical products are all safe.
  • If you seek the best pharmacy service, we invite you to visit us at Harlem Pharmacy & Surgicals.
  • Our dedication to serving our customers is evident every day as we continuously deliver quality service.


   The pharmacy staff at Harlem Pharmacy & Surgicals consists of highly qualified, experienced pharmacists.

    Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have undergone rigorous training and instruction about their duties and responsibilities.

   Our friendly and helpful professionals are committed to making your pharmacy experience as easy and welcoming as possible, whether your inquiries pertain to medication, food supplements, compounding services, or other health needs.

    You can be sure that every time you visit Harlem Pharmacy & Surgicals, you will be assisted by capable, knowledgeable, and supportive staff.

"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment." - Dr. Jonathan Gobi